"Inilah perjalanan hidupku.Allah Ta'ala yg letakkan aku disini.Semua ini perancangan Allah.Jadi aku mesti teruskan perjalanan hidup ini kerana aku percaya di atas setiap ketetapanNya.Dan aku terima Qada dan Qadar diriku.Sesungguhnya setiap sesuatu itu ada hikmahnya.Terima Kasih Ya Allah kerana mengasihiku..."



Friday, December 31, 2010

PisCes 2011

Year 2011 Overview

Don't stop believing, Pisces! This year is nothing short of miraculous, filled with all-things sublime. Take advantage of lucky Jupiter's final hurrah in your sign at the start of the year. If you've been procrastinating on turning your visions into a goldmine, January is your time to bust a serious move and catch the amazing non-stop momentum of 2011. There's no spacing out, hiding home or escaping from reality. Things are just too good to miss! Speaking of missing, don't miss the boat Pisces; Jupiter only enters your sign once every 12 years.

That said, you do have the auspicious advent of another awesome planetary boon when your planetary ruler, Neptune enters Pisces in April. For the next 14 years, your super-sensitivity and matchless compassion serve you well. You'll feel like you're in your own element rather than your usual fish out of water feeling. The world will join with you in feeling the suffering of the world. Your dreams and imaginative powers are nothing to be taken lightly. Divine messages, synchronicity and channeling the gods become a daily experience between April and August, and then again in 2012 to stay.

Despite your consistent protesting over the ills of materialism and that money is the root of all evil -- you may be seriously changing your tune as money seems to be falling from the sky this spring. With six planets lining up in your money sector on May 1, it's time to make some serious bank -- ready or not.

Year 2011 Career

This is the year to build your resources, fatten your savings account, and stash money away for some of your bigger dreams. Don't be afraid of spending either. Money has a way of finding its way right into your humble bank account, especially this spring. You're not used to such an effortless cash flow and may unconsciously attempt to sabotage your own good fortune. Tell yourself a thousand times a day that you deserve the riches that are coming your way, because you truly do.

You've got to take your talents more seriously, Pisces. No more undercutting yourself and humbly accepting crumbs when you're worth gold. Take an honest assessment of all of the gifts you bring to the table and you'll quickly realize that you have been shamefully underpaid. But let any residual false modesty be a thing of the past now that 2011 has come to bring you the big bucks you so deserve.

When Jupiter leaves your money sector in June, in order to keep the cash flowing you'll have to work those networking skills. Make sure you've got a strong online presence and don't be afraid to revamp your image and make yourself more visible. You have a tendency to keep yourself invisible. But once people see you and all that you have to offer, they will be all over your talents. Stop doubting yourself and letting that legendary Piscean paranoia interfere in what promises to be one of the most successful and lucrative years of your career.

Year 2011 Romantic

You're at your gorgeous, glamorous best in 2011, Pisces. It's easier than ever to keep a good physical regime going this year. A little effort goes a long way in getting your body into amazing form with the plethora of planets in the super-physical sign of Aries. No more zoning out in front of the tele, it's time to get back into your body. The better you feel about your physical appearance, the more open you are to love.

Romance and sensuality are synonymous with the strong influence of fiery and sexy energies surrounding the physical side of life from spring onward. Regardless of your age, you'll feel like a teenager when all of those planets enter Aries this May. July is especially romantic when Venus enters Cancer and brings loads of pleasure to your love sector. Let your primal instincts take charge and spur you on to greater romantic risks than you ever thought your delicate nature capable of. You might even surprise yourself. Your gut won't steer you wrong this spring. After June, you're more inclined to get grounded and mellow your pace in love. This doesn't mean you should resort to your old defense mechanisms per se. But it does mean that you might want to consider letting things build slowly to prove they are solid. When Neptune enters Pisces in June, you are simply in love with love. This could magnetize a soul mate or a total delusional disaster. It all depends on how grounded and centered you are.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


"Im happy when person that i love happy even without me..
May Allah bless them..
May they get their happiness..
Wish my pray comes along with them..

Dah abes ganti pose dh..
Dis year awal giler ganti pose..coz evry monday n thursday sy akan ganti pose bersame2 ngan opismate say..syira n maziah...huuhu...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jika Itu Yang Terbaik..

sometyme perasaan syg tu akn muncul tibe2 dlm diri kite..bile kite dh syg..kite akan syg kt sesuatu tu sgt2..dan sometyme kite terlalu ssh untuk mengakui perasaan syg tu..bukan sengaja utk menafikannye,tp terkadang ade sesuatu yg mmbuat kn kite susah tuk mengakuinye..mungkin atas sebab kurangnye sifat percaya, atau kurang yakin atas sesuatu, masih mencari2 kepastian, atau mungkin ade nye sifat ego dlm diri... dan kadang2..bile kite syg sgt kat sesuatu tu,kite takot tuk kehilangan die.sampaikan kite xnk sesuatu itu didekati dan disentuh oleh sesape. Bile ade yg cube mendekati dan menyentuh, kite mule merasakan sesuatu..kite mule merasakan ianya semakin jauh..semakin hilang..kite mula takot kehilangan nye..semua rase terlintas di hati,,pelbagai andaian bermain di fikiran.semakin memikirkan,semakin sakit di dalam hati, semakin takut tuk terus kecewa..dan bile rase itu mule terbit, kite mule cube tuk menjauhkan diri..cube tuk melupakan perasaan sayang itu..kerana ape??kerana takot tuk hadapi kenyataan..kerana takut tuk terus bermain dgn perasaan..kerana semakin penat tuk memikirkan nye..semakin penat tuk terus berasa kecewa..dan sebenarnye..adelah kite takut tuk menerima kenyataan bhw sesuatu tu akan hilang dr kite..biarla kite kehilangannye perlahan2..merasai sakit itu perlahan2..walaupon kite x pasti penghujung nye ape tp kite dapat mengandaikan ape yg akan terjadi...dan andaian itu cenderung utk berlaku..dan jika andaikata andaian itu silap..sekurang-kurangnye kite dh bersedia tuk menghadapinye..

Tak semua yg kite rasa dapat kita luahkan..
Kadang2 kita takut tuk mengatakannnya...

Kadang2 kita malu tuk menyuarakannya..

Kadang2 kita xpasti dgn apa yg kita rasa..

Kadang2 kite takut tuk merasa kesakitannye..
Kadang2 kite xdapat menerima kenyataannya...
Dan kadang2 kita tak sempat tuk meluahkannya...

Dan jika keputusan utk menyimpan ape yg kita rasa adelah yg terbaek...
Dan semoga suatu hari nanti..

Bile masanya sudah tibe..

Ianya akan di ketahui juga..
walaupun ianya sudah terlambat tp itulah keputusan yg pernah kite buat pada permulaannye..

Dan biarla ianya berlalu seperti hembusan angin...

Yg selalu menyapa kite tp xpernah sekali kite dapat menyentuhnya..

Rasa dingin itu sudah cukup buat kite gembira...

Monday, December 13, 2010

They said..

Ramai ckp aku x mcm dulu..
Aku yg slalu epi..ckp byk..byk bg motivate kt org..

Dyorg ckp aku dh berubah...

Dh x epi2 cm dulu..slalu je moody..kurang ckp...

Ye ke???
Tapi nape???

Ermmmm...Biar aku je yg tau nape...

Ape aku rase skang???

I feel E.M.P.T.Y...
I feel N.O.T.H.I.N.G..

I feel D.O.W.N..

n blablabla...

n bile aku epi..
dyorg akan ckp...

dyorg suke bile aku epi cm ni...

if x pon..
dyorg akan tye ape yg buat aku tbe2 epi jew..
nmpak sgt aku x cm dulu kn..huhuhu..
i miss my old one..


Realize or Not??

Kte slalu x nmpk & hargai ape yg berada dpn mate,yg sentiasa berada ngan kte,yg x pnh menyakiti kte,yg x jemu ngan sikap kte & yg x pnh bputus asa ngan kite.npe kte slalu mmandang pd mrka yg hye pandai menyusun kate tp x pd perbuatannye,yg kdg2 sedar akn kehadiran kite,kdg2 tidak,yg cpt mengalah,yg xpnh berusaha meyakinkn kite dan pd mereka yg jelas cube mpermainkan kite.bodohkah?xnmpk kah?atau buat2 x sedarkah?..

Friday, December 10, 2010


Date: 6th December 2010
Day: Monday
Venue: Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam
Event: Majlis Istiadat Konvokesyen ke-73, Sidang 17 Program BBA(Hons) Finance

Finally dis is the end of my degree..setelah 2 tahun berada di UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka, bergelumang (ceyh..ayat..huhu) ngan assignment, kuiz, test, presentation and final, akhirnye aku berade di sini hari ini...yeahhh...Sgt satisfied..Alhamdulillah kerana Allah mempermudahkan perjalanan pembelajaranku dan memberikan kejayaan kpd aku ngan kwn2..

2 thn kot kat study kt Melaka..mcm2 pengalaman dan kenangan kt sn tyme dlm klas dan luar klas..tyme wat assignment ngan kwn2..tyme duk kt kolej..tyme duk umah sewa..waahhh..byk giler kot cite..and dis is the best memory dat i ever had...Bukan senang nk study ni weh..tyme relaks..relaks jew..tp bile smpai tyme tension..adoiiyaaii..muke masing2 dh mcm cuka dh..huhu..ade je yg xkena..tue la die klo dh tensi study n bile wat keje last minit..haha..Tyme study ni gak la mcm2 dan ramai org kite kenal..maklum laa..kampus aku tu satu building jew..klo nk terserempak sesape o nk knl sesape haaa..mesti tyme tggu lif nk g class..beratur smpai luar kot nk tggu lif..xpon tyme lepak kt medan MARA (teringat mi hun sup die..besttt)..sure ramai budak UiTM aku kt situ..tyme tu sure nmpk muke yg same hari2..bukan kt situ jew..kt Jonker..kt DP..kt MP..sure msti ade muke bdk2 UiTM termasuk la muke aku ngan kengkawan ku..huuhu..(ni klo dating sure kantoi:P)..
and tmpat2 yg meninggalkan byk kenangan..McD The Store,McD DP,Elizad,zubeidah,Jonker,Mahkota Parade,Dataran Pahlawan,Menara Taming Sari,Muzium TLDM,Quayside...
huhuhuhu...every place has its own history and story:P

Bile di ingat kan balik..sure senyum sowang2..Now, semua dh ade kerja masing2 n life masing2..Happy sgt bile dyorg semua epi n berjaya..Dan hari ni..kite org berkumpul kembali walaupon ade yg xjumpe utk meraikan kejayaan masing2..Dan aku sekali lg memanjatkan rasa bersyukur atas ape yg Allah berikan kpd ku..SyukurAlhamdulillah..bukan senang utk aku mengekalkan ape yg aku dpt tyme Diploma dulu..sgt ssh..tp xde ape yg mustahilkan..selagi kite berusaha..dan berdoa..selagi itu Allah akan membantu..

SyukurAlhamdulillah atas Vice Cancelor Award and First Class Degree Honors yg aku dpt..dan Congrates to my besties,,Bib and Ifa..and also to all my beloved frens...So..now..here the photos and lets see them..:)

Proud to be who i am@Norhashima..

wit my beloved family..luv them damn much...


jom pic wit abah n mama..:)

my besties 4eva@Bib..sy cuyunk kmu..

finally..here we are..
.::Vice Cancellor Award students::.

waiting 4 my turn@ no 31..

we olz..:)

kite org lagi...smileeee...

zehan and adik sayer...

wit nini and liza..

tadaaa..b4 masuk dewan..:P

ni je la pic2 yg sempat aku edit..skit2 sudah..klo nk letak semue pic,mmg berpage2 laa..huhuhu..

.::Shima Shim::.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Semakin Hampir..

Menghitung hari untuk pengakhiran December..
Permulaan baru bg Januari pd tahun yg baru..
December telah muncul...
Semakin hampir ke pertengahan dan semakin laju menuju ke hari yg ke-31..
Minggu berganti minggu..hari berganti hari..jam berganti jam..minit berganti minit..dan saat berganti saat..
Selagi kedua2 jarum jam December 31 tidak mencecah ke angka 12..selagi itu la aku masih terus mengaharap sesuatu..sesuatu yg akan menjadi memori paling manis pd 2010..
Masih byk lg yg tidak kesampaian pd 2010..
dan aku masih mengharapkan sekurang-kurang nya satu drpd nye tercapai...
yaa..aku menunggu..selagi mase berjalan..selagi itu aku yakin pd segala kemungkinan..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Im waiting for dat day..
Dis coming Monday..
6th December 2010..in the morning..
My past 2 years will be pay on dis day..
What day haa??
Of coz larh my convocation day!

So..just wait for my next entry yaaa..
All the pic..and all the story will be here..

"I'm here to write bout my sweet moment.."
Just dont give up,
im working it out,
please dont give in,
i wont let you down.
It messed me up,
need a second to breathe,
just keep coming around~
Life is kind piece of shit..
but it even shittier if we not move on..